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         My resume

         My resume

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Released apps I've worked on

All Ansel and Clair apps - Lead Animator and rigging of the 2D characters in Maya
Medrills - Animated characters and medical devices in Maya and After Effects.

Proficient in


(3/2011 - Present) - Animator "Medical"/ CG Generalist

  • Creating medical graphics, animations, and instructional movies; using After effects, Maya and Photoshop
  • Story-boarding ways to animate/display information in aesthetically pleasing ways
  • Animating characters in various respiratory conditions and illnesses
  • Designed and story-boarded educational applications for children
  • Modeling, texturing and rigging of characters and medical devices (Maya)
  • Compositing footage and adding effects & color corrections in post (After Effects)
  • Designing user Iinterfaces, Surgical Brochures and app icons (After Effects)
  • Lighting and rendering scenes for a realistic finish
  • Keeping files organized while meeting tight deadlines for multiple projects

(6/2010 - 9/2010) - Animator/Multimedia Artist

  • Animated 3D reenactments of car/plane crashes to flooding areas for use in Court (Maya)
  • Modeled and textured buildings, vehicles and machinery using blueprints or found reference images
  • Designed and coded interactive timelines using Flash/Action-Script 3 for medical presentations
  • Managed the render farm and composited footage in After Effects

(10/2008 - 7/2010) - Animator/Multimedia Artist

  • Designed application user interfaces using Photoshop and implementing via Flash or Flex
  • Story-boarded instructional movies, game concepts and intros for websites & games
  • Animated and created assets for instructional movies (Flash - After Effects)
  • Used Action-Script 3 to code button navigation, audio control and replay button
  • Modeled, textured, lit and rendered 3D environments (Maya)
  • Character rigging using Maya
  • Q and A on Site design and user interfaces



 (9/2010 - 6/2013)  - Character Animation

  • Lead 3D animator in the production of all the apps (Maya)
  • Cut images in Photoshop, then rigged/animated a 2D "puppet" in Maya, for use in Unity
  • Animated all the animals and characters
  • Modeled, textured, rigged and animated the main character for the game series

First Factory Inc.

(9/2010 - 10/2010)  - Motion graphics

  • Facial and body animation of characters to match dialogue using Maya
  • Texturing and UV layout work for characters and props in Photoshop
  • Managing renders in Maya and After Effects
  • Setting up lighting and camera shots for my character scenes

 (3/2009 - 5/2010) - 3D Character Animation

  • Facial and body animation of characters to match dialogue using Maya
  • Texturing and UV layout work for characters and props in Photoshop
  • Managing renders in Maya and After Effects
  • Setting up lighting and camera shots for my character scenes



(1/2007 - 12/2008) - Flash 2D Character Animation

  • Storyboarded then animated several character using Flash, for an online gaming RPG
  • Added special effects to finished animations such as blur, lightning effects, smoke, and debris all using flash time line animation and created assets





IADT Tampa
2005-2009, Graduated May 2009.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Animation.

Tampa Bay Technical High school
2001-2005, Graduated Maya 2005.

Diploma - Certificate in Commercial Art