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Animated this Elephant completely in Unity. Artwork was supplied then I cut the piceses needed then made a parented puppet in Unity to animate. Done for the 'Elephants Can't Jump' iOS app project.

3D Demo Reel
All work in this reel done by me.

Movie for Donning a hazmat suit: I modeled textured and rigged the hazmat suit. Animated all parts of the movie from Maya character animations to using After Effects for Motion graphics.

password is: fausto

11 second club entry Feb 2016 - Animated in Maya. Characters were created by Joshua Burton (Morpheus rig)

Animated this infant in Maya for ArchieMD. I also created and lit this scene.
Rigged the infant model in Maya.

Animated toddler in Maya to be used in a unity app. T-Pose needed for the unity pipline at ArchieMD.

Pediatric Pain management video I created for ArchieMD. Animated all the characters 3D in Maya and animated all graphics in After Effects. Also rigged the child model in Maya.

Password: fausto

Worked on animations and lighting. For Cognitive Kid's iPad app: Ansel and Clair Ride With Paul Revere.
Credit to Razvan Luda for the character models and rigging.

Animated in Maya with the animation mentor squirrel character/rig.

Pixel ball bounce I animated in Photoshop.

Animated in Maya. Morpheus Rig and Eleven rig used here.

Worked on the animation, facial textures and lighting. (Maya)

Intro clip for the mobile app Elephants Can't Jump.
I animated this in After Effects using given artwork and audio from/for Big Lerp Studios.

Created in After Effects. Used Illustrator to create the artwork, then animated in AE.

Animated in After Effects with DuIK tools.

Animated for the children's educational app "Ansel and Clair: American Bowl" - Animated in After Effects
Artwork by Kaushik Paul...

Animated for the children's educational app "Ansel and Clair: American Bowl" - Animated in After Effects
Artwork by Kaushik Paul...

Gas Guzzler animation for the Ansel and Clair series app. 2D cut-outs, animated in Maya.
Art was provided for me as single image. I cut out the pieces needed in Photoshop, then parented and animated each of the pieces in Maya. Credit to Kaushik Paul for the artwork.

Animated in Maya. Rig and Model by Razvan Luda. Work for Cognitive Kid's Dino apps.

Worked on the animations and effects. Flash - for the an online game.

Worked on animations.

Worked on everything (uncompleted). After Effects


After Effects - Created using CC Particle Systems 2, CC Mr. Mercury, Turbulent Displace and Glow. I attached the particles to a null object to easily control the mouse movement.